Our Environment

This is the harmonious environment where the children can work calmly.


The curriculum encompasses:

Practical and sensorial activities to help Physical development and refining the Child’s natural tools for learning, their senses.

Mathematics construction activities and Specific apparatus designed to build a good foundation in the understanding of the subject.

Language English phonetic alphabet, reading and French spoken activities through repetitive conversations, rhymes, greetings and the teaching of good manners.

Expressive Arts and Design fostering the Child’s expression of their imagination through Painting, drawing, building, music and dance…

Understanding the World: Through study of the children’s communities and World festivals. Also, biology and botany are particularly fostered as the setting benefits from gardens for playing and experiencing the outdoor but also to work and observe creatures in their natural habitat. The children do gardening as a regular activity. They plant, care for, observe the changes during growth then harvest the produce of the garden to cook with.