Health & your child

We have to meet all the nutritional needs of the children in our care, in 2014 our setting was granted the Trafford Early Years Healthy Setting Award!

Also the department of Health recommends that all children form 2 years of age should achieve a minimum of 60 minutes of moderate intensity play activity every day. We offer 2 hours of outdoor activities in addition to our bi-monthly “Stretch-and-Grow sessions “until 2pm. We have a great outdoors and the children enjoy their play in the garden to the full.

Peter our Chef is encouraging the children to eat a variety of foods freshly cooked, some seasonal products are picked from the setting’s vegetable garden as well as all the herbs used in the cooking.
This is an example of menus that are served daily.

Breakfast: cereals, brioche, croissants or toasts
3 types of fresh fruits

Snacks: a seasonal platter of fruits

Lunch: one meat freshly cooked (no frozen food) or a vegetarian dish
2 or 3 types of vegetables
One dairy or traditional fruit English pudding

Afternoon session: the children attending in the afternoon have a snack included at 3.00 pm (see am). We offer a seasonal platter of fruits.